Lemon detox diet

Lemon detox replaces solid food with the combination of lemon, water, and some elements and consumed for a specific time. The time frame for lemon detox depends on the previous detox diet experience and the desired results.

Lemon Detoxification Diet Recipe

In making lemon juice for a lemon detox, the ingredients needed are: 2 tablespoon brown rice in syrup or blackstrap molasses (natural sweeteners), 2 tablespoon fresh lemon extract, and a small amount of ginger or cayenne pepper to taste. After placing these ingredients in a cup or glass, pour cold or hot water into it. After which the individual can now drink the lemon diet juice. When craving for unhealthy food, try making this drink as a substitute. For better result, lemon juice of six up to nine cups should be taken regularly.

Lemon Detoxification Program Length:

Lemon detox program has no specific or fixed period. The person ‘ s health condition, detox experience, and personal choice will determine how long will lemon detox last. A complete detox usually lasts for seven days or ten days. When a flexible detox program is preferred, lemon detox can be utilized to replace two meals daily then take a complete meal during lunch time.

A flexible detox method can last for a month. Having detox once each week as maintenance can also be done afterwards. This approach is more convenient for most individuals and can provide good results.

The most difficult part of lemon detox method is the mental determination of an individual. The thought of not having solid food for a span of time can be difficult. However when positive attitude prevails and lemon detox is pursued, the aimed result will be obtained. This will surely fuel the determination to continue the detox program. It should be kept in mind that after going through the sacrifices, the body will finally be finally free of toxic substances and much healthier. This will certainly make the decision to lead a healthy lifestyle worth pursuing.

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