Detox foods

Consumption of drinks and food is considered the most effective method of detoxification. Everyone ‘ s diet should include the detox foods, which are considered the most effective.

Fruits – They contain more liquid that can help flush out toxins. Fruit consumption does not pose any problem. Fruits contain high antioxidants, fibers, minerals, essential vitamins like vitamin C, and nutrients.

Broccoli Sprouts – These are antioxidant-rich and can help stimulate the digestive system ‘ s detoxification enzymes. Compared to a ripe vegetable, these sprouts have more vitamins in them.

Seeds & Nuts – Edible nuts or seeds can be added to the diet. Several of these include the flaxseed, almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, Siberian cedar nuts , and walnuts.

Oranges, Limes, and Lemons – Considered as citrus-wonders, these can help wash out body contaminants. They are responsible in the development of enzymes needed to jumpstart the body ‘ s digestive system. They also aid the liver during its purification process. To improve detoxification, consume a single cup of lukewarm lemon water every morning. Always remember that when it comes to vitamin C, this helps convert toxic substances into non-toxic making it an excellent vitamin for detox.

Mung Beans – General practitioners of Ayurvedic have been using these powerful mung beans for years. These beans help take in the toxic remains found on sides of intestinal walls for easy digestion.

Garlic – An spicy rhizome, this provides liver stimulation to create cleansing enzymes, which help flush out toxic deposits found in digestive tract. Addition of sliced or cooked garlic to some dishes will be helpful in the overall detoxification process.

Omega 3 Oils – Hemp, flax-seed, avocado or olive can also be used during the cleansing process. This will aid when oiling intestinal walls, allowing the oil to absorb the body pollutants for faster elimination.

Green Tea – Full of antioxidants. This helps eliminate toxins by using its liquid contents. It also contains catechins, a unique antioxidants known to increase liver functions.

Green Foods – Individuals who are undergoing detoxification should fill their own refrigerators with kale, blue green type algae, wheatgrass, barley, alfalfa, chard, spinach, spirulina, arugula, chard, and other vegetables that are natural, green, and leafy. These foods will provide the body ‘ s digestive system with chlorophyll-boost. The chlorophyll helps eliminate toxic environmental pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides, smog, heavy metals, and other available cleaning products. These foods also provide liver support during the cleansing process.

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