Cleanse diet – Cleansing diet

Body weakness can be attributed to numerous aspects such as fatigue and illness. But it is commonly related to the body ‘ s waste product remains that need to be eliminated. Presence of these poisons affect the immune system, resulting to lethargy and weakness that are felt too often. In this situation, cleansing diet is helpful. It allows the body to eradicate toxic substances. Through cleansing diet, these harmful substances are flushed out while the body systems are brought back to their normal condition.

There are plenty of detox methods to select from that will suit the lifestyle and convenience of an individual who wants to exercise a healthy living. Among these methods are juice fasting, in which only fruit juice is consumed in one to two consecutive days. These vegetables and fruits include celery, carrots, pineapples, apples, beets, and more. Water fasting can be done as well in which the individual only drinks water over a specific period. Water is capable of enhancing digestion and natural body cleansing. Through fasting the body is given enough time to take a rest, allowing it to cleanse and eliminate toxins efficiently.

When considering the idea of diet cleanse, awareness of the various approaches is necessary to successfully achieve the goal. Among the accredited and proven diet approaches are the following:

A. Master Cleanse

Master cleanse diet is a very famous detox diet these days. In this method, the individual uses juice made of maple syrup, lemon, and the cayenne pepper as primary food. This juice is taken for 10 successive days to obtain optimum result. Apart from its ability for body cleansing , this diet method also aids in speeding up weight loss process.

B. Natural Cleanse

This kind of detox is slower compared to others and lasts for about 30 consecutive days. In this method staying away from foods responsible for slowing down the digestive process should be observed. Since the digestion is sluggish, individuals who choose this method can create their own healthy eating habit and practice it. The eating habit observed during the diet period can still be used even after the program has been completed.

C. Herbal Cleanse

This diet program consists of particular herbs mixed together and taken for 7 days. These herbs mixture helps remove the dark gluey substance called mucoid plaque that is developed within the track of the intestines. This method however should be performed only after successive fasting and changes in diet.

D. Liquid Cleanse

This method is known as Diuretic Diet, which consists of eating diuretic foods for 3 consecutive days. It aids in removing retained toxic substances.

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