3-Day detox

Occurrence of cellular damage may be irreversible however restoration of the body ‘ s defense system against toxic substances is still possible by changing lifestyle and following this detox program. This diet will help cleanse the system responsible for the damage of the free radicals, improve production of new and healthy cells, and also energize the immune system. With this diet, body toxins will be eliminated and body changes will be felt right away.

This detox program is among the gentlest programs for toxic removal. Unlike the other programs used for detoxification, this diet can be performed without a physician ‘ s permit even if preexisting conditions exist such as colitis, kidney and liver diseases, anemia, and cancer.

3-Day Detoxification Diet Sample

Various diet programs for 3-day detoxification are similar. During this 3-day period, these foods can be consumed:

* Drinking warm water (8 ounces) squeezed with half-lemon juice upon waking up will result to increased flow of the body’s digestive juices.

* In each meal, one cup of these whole grains, which include buckwheat, brown rice, or amaranth and the addition of veggies or fresh fruits in three servings with one raw are suggested.

* When making a salad using veggies and fruits, the dressing can be any of these; raw vinegar, fish oil, virgin oil, and olive oil that is cold-pressed.

Supplements While Undergoing 3-Day Detoxification Program

For the kidneys and liver, intake of any of the given tonics twice while undergoing such detox program is advisable. Individuals using the diet can also select two distinct tonics if preferred.

* Fennel, dandelion tea, or chamomile – two cups

* Parley or yellow tea – 2 cups

* Vegetable juice (excellent choice would be either beet juice or carrot juice) – two cups, freshly squeezed.

* A few black grapes –

* Fresh garlic, chopped (to be added to the salad)

Purified water of up to 8 ounces with freshly-squeezed juices from fruits such as grapefruit, orange, or apple should be consumed everyday while undergoing this diet program.

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