Natural detox

Many people believe in the importance of performing body detoxification on a yearly basis. These people are right. The human body absorbs toxins or harmful substances from the surrounding air when breathing, from the food intake, and also from several other activities done daily. It is said that if these toxins build-up, they may likely contribute to the development of illnesses, which can range anywhere from the dreaded cancer to diabetes. Body detoxification helps reduce risks of developing illnesses and make s the body feel healthy .

The best approach to begin the detox session involves fasting for 24 hours. Prior to starting a detox program, discussion with the physician is necessary especially with individuals who are on medications. Staying hydrated t hroughout the detox program is very necessary. Drinking water two liters or more each day is a must. Another good reminder is to start and end the day drinking hot water added with juice extracted from fresh lemon. This lemon juice plus hot water combination helps detoxify the kidneys and liver.

After fasting for 24 hours, it is now possible to eat raw vegetables and fruits as much. This should be continued throughout the week. When it comes to consumption of raw vegetables and fruits, the y are easily digested, have exceptional body cleansing effect, and are capable of providing excellent nutrition. These foods contain high fiber, which help eliminate body toxins. Always look for the freshest vegetables and fruits. Coming across organic vegetables and fruits will be even better. Individuals can also have the freedom to create fruit juice of their own from the fruits purchased. Combination of carrots and apples can provide a juice rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

During the detox session, spending 15 minutes minimum each day for walking is highly recommended. Since individuals who are set to start the detox program will not be doing any rigorous workouts, a daily walk for fifteen minutes is ideal. However these are only a few of the various tips that one has to know regarding body detoxification. It might even come as a surprise for individuals undergoing detox when they begin feeling better and healthier after the cleansing process.

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