7-Day detox

This 7-day detoxification program is among the most effective methods when it comes to eliminating harmful substances. During this program, the skin, bloodstream, lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, and colon are also detoxified. The main benefits in using this diet include weight loss, cellulite reduction, blood purification, increased concentration, and an immune system that is improved.

This diet program completely eliminates toxins and improves the body ‘ s metabolism. It aids in the cleansing of the body ‘ s digestive system to eliminate the free radical and toxic substances. Using this diet can help the body feel more energized, which can then lead to healthier and better lifestyle.

Make time to read and understand the diet plan provided below to learn the reason why this detox program is effective.

1st Day – Included on day one are fresh fruits together with vegetable juices. These can provide more nutrients to keep the body healthy. Individuals using this program should know how to extract fresh juices from vegetables and fruits to guarantee that the minerals and vitamins in the juices will be preserved. This can strengthen the body ‘ s immunity and eliminate the toxins. To prevent dehydration, it is advisable to drink enough amount of water.

2nd Day – Have potatoes for breakfast as source for potassium. Vegetables can also be added to turn it to a salad. Consume enough water to avoid dehydration.

3rd Day – In such diet, include rice (preferable the brown rice) together with tomato juice or vegetable soup. Tea or even coffee can be included as long as there is no sugar.

4th Day – Breakfast must include a single slice of the brown bread added with little amount of cheese. Only fruits can be consumed throughout the day. Bananas and drinking large amount of water should be avoided.

5th Day – Bread needs to be served during breakfast. A single slice with additional spoonful of cheese and boiled egg is recommended. Pasta or macaroni can be an option. Unsweetened coffee or even tea can also be included.

6th Day – A single sliced brown bread that comes with a small amount of cheese can be consumed for breakfast. Vegetables and enough amount of water would be appropriate throughout the day.

7th Day – A sliced bread that comes with cheese, tomato, and onion slices can be consumed for breakfast. For lunch, meat or boiled bread together with potato will do. Green salad, three tomatoes, and one boiled fish are recommended for dinner. Enough amount of water is always important.

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